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IT Projects & Infrastructure Design.

IT Consulting Colorado Springs

Penetration testing is not only required for PCI compliance, but it is a great way to audit your current Managed Service Provider!

We build custom servers from the ground up. This includes both the hardware and software components of your machine.

As privacy concerns continue to rise and more major companies suffer from cyberattacks, many businesses are opting to take things into their own hands with self-hosting their applications. We can help you achieve this!

Wanting to use popular open source solutions such a pfSense? We can help you configure and deploy anything on the market!

Every business goes through a network infrastructure building process, but not everyone invests in doing it the right way. Whether you are setting up a new network or upgrading your current one, we are here to help.

Need WiFi? Everyone does! We design and deploy WiFi systems to ensure consistent coverage that doesn’t drop and brings your business stability and peace of mind.

Backups are great, but automated backup solutions that distribute to a network of redundant storage are better!

Proper IT is a profit generator for businesses, but only if your team knows how to safely use your systems. We offer training, both in-person and online on how to use a multitude of relevant software increasing productivity, security, and employee moral. 

Wanting to move to the cloud? Whether it is Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud, we are here to help!

Custom Projects

At Jenta Tech we take great pride in our background in corporate software development. Because of this, we have brought the same custom project-based approach commonly found in software development to problem solving in the IT world.

This approach allows us to deliver a plethora of custom solutions on top off all of the common solutions offered at other IT companies. Here are some of our customers favorite solutions: