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Enterprise IT Consulting for parents that proect their home network.

With the rise of social media and internet usage amongst children and teens, parents have been struggling to find a way to control what is accessed on their home network and electronic devices.

We have built a 90-minute consulting session to demystify the methods and hardware available to gain complete control of your home network. If businesses and Governments can control their networks and devices, why can’t parents that are committed to raising their children?

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Control Your Network

IIt is no secret that the internet can be a beneficial tool for socializing, learning, business, and communication. But like all things, moderation is key. According to Tim Kendall, an ex-director at Facebook that was responsible for monetizing the platform, social media companies build their algorithms the same way that Big Tobacco built their empire; with a deep focus on making the product as addictive as possible.

The goal of a social media platform is to keep users engaged as long as possible, and due to this, the algorithm rewards shock value. When accounting for sleep, it is estimated that the average teen spends 68.75% of their teenage years interacting with a media device of some sort. What percentage of that time is spent interacting with content that is designed to keep them in engaged by any means necessary? The statistics are helpful when painting a picture, but on a personal level they are largely unneeded. As parents, we see the impact of the internet in real time, and it’s time to take control of our home networks, full stop.

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Enterprise IT Consulting For Parents

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